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Hermanus – A-Frame Living – Blog with Us

The simple and uncomplicated building style of an A-frame house is universal in it’s appeal with the timeless design never going out of style.

“A-frame buildings are an old form known in Europe, China, and the South Pacific islands sometimes called a roof hut and were simple structures used for utilitarian purposes until the 1950s.  In 1934, R.M. Schindler built the first modern A-frame house, for owner Gisela Bennati, in Lake Arrowhead, California.  Architects Walter Reemelin, John Campbell, George Rockrise, Henrik H Bull, and Andrew Geller helped to popularize Schindler’s idea in the early 1950s, designing A-frame vacation homes.”

Walk into the open plan living space with high lofted ceilings culminating in a dramatically tall apex with an abundance of natural light flowing through the glass windows and doors.  The lower level of the home has a strong foundation with traditional brick plastered walls. The upper level is a typical timber loft which lends itself to sustainable and eco friendly building solutions which blend well with the natural environment.  To compliment the earthy design, the home features an authentic hand built stone fireplace and stone exterior and interior walls and floors.  While A-Frame homes are largely not considered “conventional” they certainly offer plenty of character and charm.  Separate to the main house, this property offers a large established garden with wooden fencing and boundary walls and a double garage with a dedicated laundry room.  The home is built on a magnificent 945m2 plot – walking distance to the ocean – on the western side of Sandbaai and close to the popular Sandbaai beach.

 There is something to be said about the visual effects of an A-Frame house which associates our minds with relaxation and the great outdoors.

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