Hermanus Recycling – Overstrand Municipality

Hermanus Recycling – Overstrand Municipality

Overstrand Municipality would like to thank all households who are disposing of their recycling responsibly. If all of us were to recycle just a few items per day – that which we throw away in the clear plastic bags – we can go a long way to improving the environment for our futures and future generations,” said Overstrand’s Solid Waste Manager, Craig Mitchell. The clear recycling bags are collected on the same day as the black bags by the municipal refuse trucks and transported to the MRF where it is offloaded in the receiving bay to be sorted and baled. For every clear plastic bag discarded by a household, a new one will be supplied as a replacement when the full bag is collected. As expected, there is still some growing pains, households who did not receive a replacement clear bag on collection day or require an additional clear bag due to volumes, can collect a replacement bag at the Hermanus Administration in Magnolia Street from Yvonne at the operational help desk in the main building reception/rates hall. The Hermanus MRF is also open to businesses and households for the delivery of recyclable waste should they have larger volumes that they require to dispose of. This includes paper, cardboard, tin cans, glass bottles and plastic. No household or garden waste will be accepted.

Find the Waste Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

The MRF is situated in Schulphoek Road, next to the Water Treatment Works and Zwelihle Primary School.

Operating Hours

Open Waste operating hours for acceptance of recyclable waste from the general public is between 08:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday and until 14:00 on public holidays. The facility is currently closed on weekends, however recyclables can be left at the drop-off on a Saturday during the operational hours of 09:00 to 16:00.

Do’s and Don’ts of Recycling

Recycling does not have to be difficult. It is important to know what we should and should not put in the recycling bags. Here are some simple tips:

• The golden rule when it comes to using your clear plastic bag is to ensure items are clean and dry. Black bags are for ‘wet’ waste, things that cannot be recycled.

• Please wrap broken glass in newspaper before placing in bags or wheelie bins to prevent injury to workers. Wherever possible, such items should rather be recycled or disposed of at public drop-offs or transfer stations.

• Please don’t put bags or wheelie bins out the day or night before removal. All refuse must be put out by 07:30 on waste collection day. No refuse bags may be left on pavements in baboon affected areas.

Issued by: Overstrand Municipality Comms 23 February 2022

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