Hermanus Waste Collection Schedule

Hermanus Waste Collection Schedule
There will be no change to the current collection schedule for refuse and recycling removal days – even on public holidays. 
It is essential that landlords and agents convey the information to tenants and holidaymakers as well.
Please place your bin or bags on the pavement at 07:00 in the morning on the relevant day only. Residents are cautioned that it is a contravention of the Integrated Waste Management By-law to place refuse on their pavements on days other than the scheduled refuse collection days.
How much refuse am I allowed to put out?
Each household is allowed one x240-litre wheelie bin, or four black bags (which may include one bag of garden refuse) with household refuse on the sidewalk for removal where baboons are not an issue.
There is no limitation on the number of recycling bags (plastic, glass, metal and paper) that is put out with the refuse.  Waste containers (wheelie bins) must be secured with baboon proof locking devices in all areas that the Municipality has identified as problem animal areas. No black bags may be left on pavements in baboon problem areas.  The declared problem animal areas are portions of Onrus, Voëlklip, Fernkloof (including the Golf Estate), Hermanus Heights, Eastcliff, Kwaaiwater and portion of Hawston.
Excess bags
Please ensure that excess rubbish bags are taken to the designated drop-off points or transfer stations and not placed next to municipal bins.  The Municipality requests residents and weekenders to make other arrangements regarding garbage disposal on Sundays. It is suggested that an arrangement is made with a permanent resident to make the bins and bags available on the scheduled days for removal.
Broken glass
For the safety of our waste collection staff, residents are kindly requested to (as far as practically possible) package or wrap any glass items to be disposed of before placing them in the waste bin or black bag.
Wherever possible glass items should rather be recycled or disposed of at the public drop-off’s and transfer stations.
The refuse collection schedule for HERMANUS is as follows:
MONDAY: Vermont, Fisherhaven, Voëlklip • TUESDAY: Onrus, Chanteclair, Berghof, Sandbaai, Hemel-en-Aarde • WEDNESDAY: Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant • THURSDAY: Westcliff, Northcliff, houses in the CBD and Hermanus Industrial Area • FRIDAY: Hawston, Eastcliff, Hermanus Heights, Kwaaiwater, Fernkloof.  For queries contact Overstrand Municipality.

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