Hermanus Winter Warmers 2022 – 10 Tips to Keeping Balance this Winter

Hermanus Winter Warmers 2022 – 10 Tips to Keeping Balance this Winter

Some folks are lucky enough to work online from home and have no urgency to go anywhere during winter. Other folks love the hustle and bustle of an early morning start at the local gym before grabbing a quick breakfast and starting the day at the office. Whichever floats your happy boat, here are our 10 Tips to getting the most out of Hermanus during winter:

1. Firewood Home Deliveries – The luxury of having wood delivered to your door and packed for your convenience at excellent rates from Pole Depot in Hermanus.

2. A Chimney Sweep – The cleaner your chimney, the safer and more heat efficient. James Peiser, The Chimney Guy in Hermanus is on standby to assist with your local chimney sweeping.

3. Winter Flooring – While tiling and wood flooring is a popular choice for coastal homes, nothing beats the comfort and warmth of good quality carpets during winter. Top Carpets in Hermanus Industrial is happy to assist you with a FREE consultation in the comfort of your home.

4. Luxury Accommodation – For those of us who live and work from home in Hermanus, we should definitely book a suite at one of our local Hermanus Hotels or Guesthouses for a pamper and spoil and a change of scenery at least once or twice a month to avoid cabin fever during winter.

5. Frozen Meals – There will be those days when getting out of bed at all will be too much of a schlep, full stop! No greater plan in the world than storing sufficient back-up freezer meals in reserve. Goodness Gracious in Somerset West offers a grand selection of traditional, italian and oriental blast frozen freezer meals delivered to your door in Hermanus.

6. Homecooked Fresh Meal Deliveries – Homeplate in Hermanus offers high-quality food from an experienced restaurant owner and cook for 15 years. Meals are freshly prepared daily and delivered to your door on weekdays during winter.

7. Solar Water Heating – Your geyser is responsible for a huge chunk of your electrical consumption during winter. At oneSolar in Hermanus you will receive excellent advice on cost effective solar solutions.

8. Vehicle Washing – No need to brave the icy cold outdoors to get your car washed and valeted during winter in Hermanus. Peter, owner of Dalter Mobile Car Wash will come out to your property to keep your car shiny and clean throughout winter at an affordable fee in the leisure of your home.

9. Keeping fit during winter – Browse local Clubs and Activities to stay social and active in Hermanus this winter.

10. Home Deliveries to your Door – Avoid the sub zero outdoor temperatures and search for the convenience of local Home Deliveries to your door..

Here’s to a cosy, happy and healthy winter in Hermanus 2022!!

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