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Our Address

Anima Bergsig Street, Sandbaai


-34.415170604827, 19.197336744952


Anima Child Development Intervention Center in Hermanus is a private remedial therapy center situated in Sandbaai, for children in the Overstrand Region with developmental delay caused by brain damage, Downs, Angelman , Autism & other Syndromes.  Many children in the local communities cannot cope within the mainstream schooling environment, yet do not need to be institutionalized.  These children need more individualized, one-on-one, specialized, therapy based schooling.  ANIMA’s aims are to optimize children with serious developmental disabilities.
Every child will be evaluated and a personalized learning program will be developed for each individual.  These children are to learn life and social skills, enabling them to be self sufficient & accepted by Society.

Please Help Us To Help The Children By Making A Donation:  Banking detail: ANIMA THERAPY CENTRE, ABSA Hermanus, NPO REG NO 406-944-4778 004-172

Anima Kids, Sandbaai, Hermanus