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We have been cleaning carpets and renewing homes in the greater Hermanus area for a number of years and are trusted by many home owners as the preferred expert cleaning providers.

Our cleaning services are not just restricted to carpets and rugs. We also clean leather, car upholstery, drapery and much more. In fact ChemDry has built a name for itself as one of the best drapery cleaning experts around.  There are a number of advantages to our drapery cleaning, the first and foremost of these been convenience. We will clean your drapes while they hang in your home. Our cleaning solutions can be used on almost all fabrics and there is no risk of shrinkage as no water is used in our cleaning process. Enjoy a cleaner, fresher, more attractive home with ChemDry Overberg at your cleaning assistance.

Our Cleaning Process Are Safe For Both Kids & Pets
Discover Our Safe and Non-Toxic Green Cleaning Solutions

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