Moving House to Hermanus – 10 Tips to remain in Control and Happy

Moving House to Hermanus – 10 Tips to remain in Control and Happy

Oh the excitement… or frustration? Depending on the circumstances, a move can be exhilarating when planning a brand new beginning in a brand new home, alternatively, it can be nightmarishly devastating when unplanned and unforeseen. Either way, when it comes to moving to Hermanus – regardless of the circumstances – it’s all about a positive attitude and gratitude for living in one of the most scenic and picturesque villages in the world.

Here are our tips to make the moving process as easy and fun as possible:

Claim the adventure – Moving is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and your life. Get rid of everything that’s tying you down. Are you hanging onto possessions that you’ve outgrown and that you no longer use or have any need for?

Make money from your move – Moving can be expensive. If you plan and sort in advance you can save quite a bit on a smaller moving load by selling all your unused and unwanted items with a household auction. Have you made a list of exactly which items you will be needing in your new house and which not?

Make a community donation – While we can become quite attached to our possessions, not everything carries it’s worth in monetary value. Will it be wiser to undersell or rather donate to a worthy cause?

Lessen the pressure – Organization is key. Mark one box as “OPEN ME FIRST”. This is your essential box with the items that you will require first when arriving at your new home in Hermanus. Have you made a list of your essential items?

Preparing food and drinks – A cooler box is an essential item during a move. Whether you’re opting for take-out or preparing balanced homemade snacks and treats, moving when hungry or thirsty can be the catalyst for a moving disaster. Have you planned your cooler box menu?

Assuring your safety – The first night in your new home in Hermanus shouldn’t be scary, especially when you’re exhausted. Your new home might have an existing alarm system but it might not be activated. Most home security companies offer emergency monitoring when required. Have you activated your armed response in advance?

Pet happiness – Depending on the breed, moving with our pets can be challenging. They might be overwhelmed with the road trip and the high level of activity. They will be unfamiliar with the new territory and if they wander they may become easily disorientated. Sometimes booking a kennel, just for the day, can be a wise decision. Have you double checked the safety of your new property’s fencing and perimeters?

Peace of mind – Remember to make sure that you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s when making sure that your household goods are covered by your furniture removals insurance. Long, windy, mountainous roads offer no guarantees during poor weather conditions. Better safe than sorry. Do you have a copy of your furniture removal agreement close at hand during your move to Hermanus?

Happy Moving and Congratulations for choosing Hermanus!!

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