Submitting Building Plans in Hermanus

Submitting Building Plans in Hermanus

The Building Services Application Forms are available on the Overstrand website

The Process

Submit 2 sets of plans (in colour), together with a full copy of the Title Deed and a fully completed SANS Application form.  When the above mentioned documents are submitted to the Building Department, they will calculate the building plan fees and builders deposit (where needed).

  • The Building Services Department will notify you when your plans are ready for collection.

Compulsory inspections

No building may be occupied until an occupation certificate has been issued to the owner.

1.    Foundation  inspection
To be requested once foundation excavation of the building has been set out and excavated in accordance with the approved plan (that must be available on site).

–    All boundary pegs must be visible

The foundation excavations must always be inspected by the building inspector; even if a professional engineer was appointed. An inspection form to be filled in at the Building Department a day previous to the inspection.

2.    Drainage inspections
To be requested once the drainage work on the property has been completed and the pipes are lying open for inspections.

3.    Tank inspections
To be requested once the sewerage tank (either 5 000L or 10 000L) has been completed.
It has to be inspected by the Building Services Department before the Operational Department can test and connect the tank.
Take Note: No plastic tanks will be allowed.

4.    Final inspection
To be requested once the building has been totally completed.

Certain certificates may be requested by the Department before the inspection can be approved:
–    Engineer’s Certificate for the roof structure
–    Glazing Certificate for all new glass installed
–    Gas Installation / Health and Safety Certificate for gas (to be installed by registered installer
–    Architects Compliance Certificate which also covers the new Energy Sufficiency Regulations (SANS 10400 PART XA).

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