Emptying of Septic & Conservancy Tanks in Hermanus

Emptying of Septic & Conservancy Tanks in Hermanus
Residents who have conservancy or septic tanks and cannot connect to a sewerage network, must remember that, where possible, at least two days’ lead time is required for effective sewerage tanker service.
It is recommended that clients make a set arrangement in terms of a scheduled service of the conservancy/septic tank. This will assist the responsible staff with planning their daily activities and allocating a specific tanker to a certain area.
As you can imagine, these services are placed under tremendous strain especially during the holidays when more people are visiting.  Although we would love to respond to “Come quickly – our drain is overflowing!”, it is not possible to deliver a service on demand, and delays may be experienced. However, sewerage tanker teams start early in the morning and will do their utmost to complete work scheduled for a particular day. Under normal circumstances, no tankers will be sent out before 06:00 or after 22:00.
After-hour Levy
Do note that any tanker services requested after 15:00 will be subject to an after-hour levy.
Should you request that your sewage tank be pumped but it is found that the suction point is broken and/or inaccessible, you will have to pay for the callout fee.
Tips for home-owners using a septic tank:
  1. Try to order the service at least two days in advance
  2. When requesting a tanker service in a residential area, please quote your erf number and your account number for farms
  3. Monitor the level of your conservancy tank closely. Users must check sewerage levels in the tanks to avoid unnecessary tanker service request. (A simple device such as a ball valve on a stick placed inside the tank or an ultrasonic level indicator will help you to order the service timeously.)
  4. Keep in mind that if a sewage tank cannot be pumped for whatever reason after a service has been requested, a call-out fee will be charged to recover costs.
  5. Ensure that sewerage tanker teams can gain access to the sewage suction point at all times: Remember, suction points ought to be placed on the erf boundary closest to the street.
  6. Conservancy tanks must be water tight to prevent ingress of groundwater into the tank, as this also puts additional pressure on our tanker system and the waste water treatment plant where the sewerage is off-loaded.
Information sourced from Overstrand Municipality.  Any queries with regard to the above tariffs, can be directed to Overstrand’s Rates and Data Control Office at Tel no 028 313 8000 or via email to: enquiries@overstrand.gov.za
To request a tanker service, phone Hermanus 028 313 8000/8096/8090

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