Hermanus House Building

Hermanus House Building

Now you have found your perfect plot in Hermanus, whereto from here? Owner building is becoming a popular option although we are not short of excellent building and construction companies in Hermanus. Browse Builders & Construction with us. The idea of building your own home might seem overwhelming and even daunting for some. For others, there is something truly magical and exciting about being personally involved in realizing your dream home from the first brick up. Many folks are quite happy to start off with a smaller, basic house design with the option of extending in future while other folks are scaling down and opting for a smaller property with their eye on early retirement. Browse Architects and Building Plans with us.

Here are a few steps to consider when building your new home:

Work out your budgeting options – cash build or bond? A tight budget can be frustrating during the building process but it sure beats the stress of an overextended monthly bond repayment. Would it be wiser to build a smaller home cash with a high standard of fittings and finishes or a slightly larger home with more affordable fittings and finishes. Or should you build your dream home with a building bond.

Home Design options – architect or ready to use house plans? Scrutinize your living requirements. Are you opting for a unique home at a higher cost or will a simple design with unique interior decorating suffice. Many architects also offer ready to use options.

Which is more important to you, house or garden? Building a lifestyle home. Are you someone who prefers entertaining and social activity requiring bigger rooms and more entertainment areas at a higher cost or are you a more introverted personality preferring nature and the outdoors in a smaller home at a lesser cost with a bigger garden.

Are you building to live or to resell? On average homeowners resell between 5&6 years or as their living circumstances change. A new job could require relocation. Children could require a location closer to schools. If you’re building to live, your home design and decorating is unlimited. If you’re building to resell, your design should be more appealing to the average buyer to assure a good resale value.

Maximizing your property’s potential is important when considering the elevation of your home. Design your home around your property’s best features. Visit your vacant plot on a warm day and decide on the best spot that you would like to sit in, in your future garden. If you’re building next to a property that invades your privacy, plant high growing trees as soon as possible. Make sure that your windows and doors don’t directly face your neighbors windows and doors. If you have a mountain view, design the rooms of your home to absorb the beauty of the outside in by placing your windows and doors strategically. Inspect your street front for the most convenient access for your driveway. If you’re building a double level home, consider your neighbors views. A little appreciation from a neighbor can go a long way. Happy Building!!

Everything you need to know about South Africa’s Building Regulations: Click here for SANS10400

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